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FlashinTO presentation

A couple of months ago Rick from FlashinTO (Toronto’s Flash user group) asked if anyone wanted to do a presentation on Subversion (SVN). I do not consider myself an expert on SVN, but it’s a tool that I’ve used on a regular basis for the past few years, so that I felt that I knew enough to put together an introductory presentation on the topic. So I volunteered to do the SVN presentation for the FlashinTO. Also I had originally learned about SVN years ago thanks to one of the speakers from FITC, whoblogged about why Flash developers should use SVN and provided a great documentation how to get set up up SVN for Flash development. So it was cool to give back to the Flash community, from what I had picked up previously from the Flash community.

Also in the process of creating the presentation, I discovered Adobe’s Version Cue CS3. I had heard of Version Cue before, but had no idea what it was and did not realize it was a version control system. I did some research to provide information in the presentation for the designers in the crowd. Because for designers dealing with images, video and other media files Adobe’s Version Cue would be a better fit for them over SVN.

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